Transformer Brake and Clutch Coil Repairs

Blue base 17

A.I.R, carry out repairs on medium voltage transformers, single and 3 phase control and power transformers-dual or auto wound, enclosed or open transformers.

Overhaul and rewinds can be carried out on single or multi tap transformers, welding transformers, step up/step down transformer variations and our engineers also repair generators, brake & clutch units and electro magnets. Mechanical rewind enables equipment to be restored and deliver optimum performance. Our engineers use the latest available equipment including our newly purchased coil winding machinery.

A.I.R, rewind and refurbish all variants of transformers and we can supply, service and repair all generator sets. Please call us with your requirements.

A.I.R. have successfully modified heavy lifting magnets in the steel industry to be able to withstand higher operating temperatures and minimised the amount of repairs needed dramatically.

We rewind and repair brake coils in addition to brake motor repairs and brake conversions, we also rewind and repair electro – magnetic brakes and clutches.

We also offer general mechanical repairs including welding, metal work and spraying, general machinery, replacement shafts and dynamic balancing of rotors, fans and impellers.

With 24 hour back up all year round and 12 month warranty on our work you can be sure you’re making the right electrical motor choice with A.I.R.