AC / DC Repairs

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At our Durham premises we have everything needed to complete rewinds and repairs on all types of AC/DC motors right at our fingertips which puts us way ahead of many other motor repair centres. A.I.R. have invested in the latest available equipment and machinery.

We are able to rewind or repair electrical motors up to 500 kw. With our team of highly skilled engineers, we offer a high quality repair on a quick turnaround.

With DC motors needing the most attention due to brush and commutator wear A.I.R. are in a postion to offer full re-builds of your machines. New commutators, brushgear and auxilary equipment.

Or if you require conversions from DC to AC complete with a frequency inverter A.I.R. are here to advise.

24 hour service available 365 days of the year.

A.I.R, repair all standard AC/DC Motors, Slip Ring Motors, Compressor Motors and Traction Motors. Permanent Magnet Servo Motor Repairs (Tested to manufacturers standards). All work carried out by A.I.R engineers is covered by our comprehensive 12 month warranty. We offer round the clock support 24 hours a day, all year long.